Credit Fraud

Credit fraud is the use of a credit card to obtain goods or services that the purchaser has no intention of paying for. Credit fraud can be committed by people using their own cards illegally, but it is more commonly caused by people using lost or stolen cards and accounts or by people who open accounts in others’ names without their permission.

Is Your Mailbox A Target For Identity Theft?

With all of the creative and technical ways that identity thieves can use to steal your identity, good old common mail theft is still one of the easiest ways for a criminal to steal your personal identifiable information, and use it fraudulently.  Unfortunately, mail theft is one of those things we just don’t think much about,

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Some New Scams To Look Out For In 2016

It’s a new year and that means there’s all sorts of new scams on the horizon especially considering this is an election year in the US and tax season being right around the corner.  With new technology being introduced in 2016, this will also likely provide another new avenue for scammers to try and take

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These Are The Most Common Types of Credit Fraud

Types of Credit Card Fraud One of the biggest loss problems in banks is credit card fraud. Usually, these are performed by a group of individuals that use counterfeit credit cards when cheating unsuspecting merchants or in collaboration with the merchants when cheating the banks. These criminals are referred to as fraud syndicates. There are

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5 Steps To Avoid Being A Credit Fraud Victim

Credit card fraud is growing at an alarming rate across the globe and most of them involve online transactions. As a matter of fact, credit card fraud online is expected to increase to billions by 2008, based on the analysis of financial experts. This is quite a worrying statistic considering the detailed research as well

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Preventing Credit Card Fraud Online

Learning how to prevent credit card fraud online can be challenging, especially if you’re not using the right tools for to resolve the problem. What makes it much difficult to stop credit card fraud over the internet is that you’re not in the thief’s physical presence. You have no photo IDs to compare to the

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