Avoid Healthcare Fraud at All Costs

As you likely already know, there are a number of different types of identity theft and data breaches. Nonetheless, they’re not all created equally, and medical identity theft is particularly notorious for having a terrible impact on the victims’ lives. As reported by San Diego’s KUSI news channel, the FBI has released a long list of ways that you can protect yourself from having your information stolen while attempting to receive medical care:


Here are several tips on protecting your information-and yourself-from unscrupulous heath care fraudsters:

  • Safeguard insurance cards and benefit information. Make sure there’s a legitimate reason to provide your insurance card or insurance information to others, and be especially vigilant if your information is requested when services are offered for free, or any offers are made during telemarketing calls.
  • Be aware of gifts, or other inducements, from visiting medical providers. Don’t accept unnecessary equipment or products, and report any suspicious or unusual activity.
  • Be careful when receiving medical supplies that you actually get what was ordered-for example, instead of a power wheelchair, you receive a much cheaper scooter instead.
  • Be aware of your surroundings in medical facilities. For example, be wary of if you completing a physician visit at a medical office that lacks normal medical equipment and its personnel don’t conduct normal patient health checks like taking your temperature and blood pressure.
  • How criminals steal your information

For more steps on avoiding healthcare identity fraud, KUSI has the full list from the FBI

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