If you’ve been a victim of identity theft or if your credit has just taken a turn for the worse, the idea of starting the credit repair process can be daunting.  Especially if you’ve exhausted all of your own efforts to clean up inaccuracies and errors on your credit history. If you’re planning on moving forward with one of the few reputable credit repair companies, there are many factors to consider before you commit.  How long has the company been in business?  What is their track record for credit repair?  Are they using legitimate, legal methods to help get boost your credit score?  What fees do they charge and when is payment required from you?  All of these are questions that you need to have answers too before you sign a contract.

We know it can be difficult to sort through the various businesses which appear to be reputable, so we’ve compiled a list of the 5 best credit repair companies you should consider using if you’re going to hire a paid repair service to help get your credit history and score back on track. Each of these companies offers straight forward terms, reasonable and competitive pricing and has been in the credit repair industry for at least 10 years.  We suggest you look the services that each have to offer and make a decision based on your personal credit situation and the amount of money you’re comfortable spending to fix your credit.

1. CreditRepair.com

creditrepair-com best credit repair companiesWe have ranked CreditRepair.com as the most reliable and trusted credit repair company for 2019. With over 15 years experience, CreditRepair.com has developed a process that has been proven over many years and thousands of customers which is 100% ethical and in accordance with the CROA. They will develop an individual game plan for your credit situation and assist you in repairing potential credit damaging problems such as inaccurate information, charge offs, bankruptcies, and late payments, plus help you with issues related to identity theft and unauthorized credit inquiries. They start by analyzing your current credit reports, finding potential problem areas, and then work directly with the credit companies to resolve these items. After which CR reports to the credit bureaus any changes that have been made. Your credit score will soon begin to reflect these positive changes. Pricing is extremely competitive at $89.95/month for their proven, professional system.

Click Here to Start Your Credit Repair Process Today or Call 855-742-4028.

2. Lexington Law Credit Repair Services

Lex Law Credit Repair CompaniesOur next highest rated credit repair service is Lexington Law.  They have helped over 1/2 million customers raise their credit scores by removing millions of questionable and inaccurate credit report items.  Lexington Law is a trusted law firm with a staff of 24 attorneys and over 200 paralegals nationwide who can help guide you through the complex credit repair process.   LL offers a completely free credit report consultation where they provide you a no cost credit report and full analysis of your current credit standing.   They offer 3 service levels, starting at $59.95/month which include free toll-free phone  and email support .  All pricing is straight forward with no hidden fees and you can usually get a same-day consultation.  Sign up with an experienced law firm which specializes in credit repair.

Click here to visit LexingtonLaw.com or Call 855-412-2204 to Get Started.

3. The Credit People

Credit Repair Companies Credit PeopleWe highly recommend The Credit People as a comprehensive, full service option for your credit repair needs.  They have developed an extensive 6 month program, in which they state you will begin seeing positive results on your credit report within 60 days.  The Credit People will start by pulling your credit score and reports for you at no cost.  They’re the only credit repair company which doesn’t make YOU provide a credit report.  From there, a personal credit plan is tailored to your credit situation and they begin challenging questionable items on your credit report immediately.  We really like that you can track your Score-Driven Results with 24 hour access so you know exactly where you stand at any given time.

They are also one of the only credit repair companies who charges a flat, one time fee of $299 for their 6 month plan.  Very simple and transparent with no additional or hidden fees to worry about. The Credit People have over 10 years credit repair experience and are FCRA certified.  You won’t go wrong letting the Credit People help fix your credit report and boost your credit scores.

Click here to Visit The Credit People Website for more information and to complete their online application.

4. Credit Assistance Network

Cred Assistance Network Credit Repair CompaniesThe Credit Assistance Network has been working with consumers in need of credit repair help since 2004.  They offer extremely flexible terms, a pay as you go payment plan as well as a dedicated team assigned to your individual credit repair case.  They handle issues such as public record disputes, identity theft resolution, security clearance assistance & personal information corrections to name only a few of their services.  When working with CAN you will receive 24 hour access to your secure online account with real time credit repair progress updates.  As well as 1 on 1 credit building coaching to make sure you keep your credit moving in the right direction.  All in all, a reputable repair service with an A+ BBB rating.

Click Here to Visit the Credit Assistance Network Site & Get a Free Consultation. 

5. Ovation Credit Services Inc.

Ovation Credit Repair CompaniesOvation Credit Services Inc. is a solid credit repair service that has been in business since 2004.  They are licensed and bonded with the Attorney General, have an A+ BBB rating as well as a 100% money back guarantee on their services.  According to Ovation, they have averaged at least 18 credit improvements per customer since they began 10 years ago. What this means is they target the appropriate items on your credit reports which can be disputed and removed, resulting in increased credit scores for their clients.

What we like most about Ovation is their unique tracking system which gathers your credit results directly from the credit bureaus and imports them directly into your personal dashboard which you can access online 24/7.  This way you will always know the progress of your repair, instead of waiting by the mail box for the credit bureaus to send you your reports.  Ovations monthly pricing is extremely low at $39.00/month, which is one of the lowest rates we’ve seen.  You get fantastic online credit tools you can use with your personal dashboard as well as a personal credit plan.

Visit the Ovation Credit Services Website for more information and to complete their online application.

Choosing A Credit Repair Service

If you have a poor credit rating, be watchful of companies that promise to “clean up” your credit for a fee.  If a company claims it can erase your bad credit, don’t believe them.  The truth is, they can’t deliver.  After you pay them hundreds or thousands of dollars in up-front fees, these companies do nothing to improve your credit report.  Worse, many simply vanish with your money.

Credit repair companies such as these advertise in newspapers, on television and radio and on the Internet.  You may even get calls from telemarketers or receive fliers in the mail offering credit repair services.  But ignore their claims and beware of companies that:

  • Want you to pay for credit repair services before any services are provided;
  • Do not tell you your legal rights and what you can do yourself for free;
  • Recommend that you not contact a credit bureau directly;
  • Suggest that you try to invent a “new” credit report by applying for an Employer Identification Number to use instead of your Social Security Number; or
  • Advise you to dispute all information in your credit report or take any action that seems illegal, such as creating a new credit identity. If you follow illegal advice and commit fraud, you may be subject to prosecution.

You could be charged and prosecuted for mail or wire fraud if you use the mail or telephone to apply for credit and provide false information. It’s a federal crime to make false statements on a loan or credit application, to misrepresent your Social Security Number, and to obtain an Employer Identification Number from the Internal Revenue Service under false pretenses.

Under the federal Credit Repair Organizations Act, credit repair companies cannot require you to pay until they have completed the promised services.

DIY Credit Repair

Having good credit can ultimately mean the difference between getting approved for a loan on a house you have in mind and being denied altogether. Whether you have simply neglected to build credit or if you have poor credit due to bills and other expenses that have gone unpaid, it is possible to find DIY credit repair options that can work for you, regardless of the amount of debt you are in.

Why Does a Good Credit Score Matter?

Having good credit allows you to take out loans with lower interest rates and higher approval ratings. The better your credit is, the easier it is to obtain new property and items you want to own with lower payments and interest rates altogether. Additionally, if you are seeking out a business investor or if you have gone to an official banking institution to take out a loan, there is a good chance your credit will be reviewed before you are approved or denied for the money you are requesting. The better your credit is in its overall standing, the easier it becomes to negotiate interest rates and to get loans and merchandise whenever you need them.

Check Your Current Credit Ratings

When you have an interest in repairing or building your own credit score, the first step in doing so is to check your current credit scores and ratings. Although there are many credit report companies that charge monthly or annual fees for your report, you are legally entitled to receive one annual credit report from all three official bureaus of credit, including Experian, Equifax and TransUnion. It is possible to request your full credit report from these bureaus by calling 1-877-322-8228, or by visiting the network’s official website, wwww.annualcreditreport.com.

Even with other online credit report services available today, many companies often require you to enter sensitive credit card details and information, prompting payments and fees to be incurred. It is essential to read terms and conditions as well as privacy policies when you are selecting any credit report company you want to get your reports from personally. Free reports that are made available once a year for you to review do not include information regarding your actual credit score.

What is a Good Credit Score?

Credit scores range anywhere from 300 to 850 altogether, with 740 being an ideal credit score if you are interested in taking out a mortgage or another type of loan in your name. Knowing your credit score is possible by working with a credible and reputable company that is capable of providing you in-depth insight and information regarding your financial situation.

Keep Track of Errors and Issues You Want to Dispute

Once you begin reviewing your credit report, it is important to mark and keep track of any potential errors or disputes you find throughout the process. When you believe there have been errors made throughout your entire credit report, be sure to mark them and to document them with corresponding evidence if you have it readily available.

Avoid Making the Same Mistakes Repeatedly

It is important to avoid making the same mistakes repeatedly again in the future when it comes to rebuilding your credit and avoiding any mishaps financially with new credit cards or loans you are interested in. Be sure to think twice before applying for credit cards or avoid doing so altogether to drastically reduce the risks of winding up in financial ruin, again.

Paying Off Balances

Paying off balances is an essential factor to consider when you want to incorporate DIY credit repair techniques and tricks into your own habits and daily routine. Get organized with all of the bills and expenses you have in your name that have gone unpaid. It is important to organize all of the proof you may have over disputes and errors that you have noticed within your credit reports as well.

Consider Working With a Professional

Although it is possible to help improve your overall credit score and ratings without the assistance of a professional, working with an individual who specializes in credit repair is highly recommended if you do not have any prior experience with your finances or handling your credit personally. Working with a credit repair service is a way for you to learn more about credit and how it affects you while also learning new methods of repairing it and rebuilding it for the future.

Pay on Time in the Future

Once you begin to work off your credit card debts while repairing your current credit score altogether, it’s imperative to put a plan in place that allows you to pay on time in the future, regardless of the type of debt you accumulate. Having the ability to pay all of your monthly expenses and bills on time regularly is a way to improve your credit score. Setting a budget for expenses and services in your household is a way to avoid overspending or signing up for services you cannot afford in the home.

Additionally, keep track of your monthly spending habits automatically, online and manually by writing them down individually. You can also ensure you pay your bills on time each month by creating your own calendar and billing schedule. Having a billing schedule is the quickest way to determine what bills are coming up, due and even overdue regardless of whether you are tracking your electric and heating bill or your cable and Internet service.

Resist the Urge to Apply for More Credit

Maintaining good credit in the future requires the ability to stay self-disciplined when it comes to your financial decisions and lifestyle. It is essential to resist the urge to apply for more credit in the future once you have rid your credit card debt or lowered it to a reasonable range of payments. Even if you believe you have more control over yourself financially and personally, it is important to stay away from opening up credit cards or taking out loans if you have a history of issues with handling and managing your own finances without assistance or professional guidance.

Understanding how to go about repairing your own credit records with DIY credit repair tips and tricks is a way for you to take control of your own situation and finances at any times, regardless of whether you are in debt for personal or business-related reasons. Taking the time to research your own credit score while learning about resources that have been made available for you to put to use is a way for you to genuinely gain insight about your credit score and how you can increase and maintain it without effort in the future.