How To Check Your Credit Score For Free

HOWTOCHECKCREDITSCOREChecking your credit score and reports regularly is extremely important for maintaining your good credit standing.  Not only does it let you know the health of your credit, but it can also be a vital way to determine if you’ve been a victim of identity theft.  We recommend checking your credit reports at least once per month, or signing up for a credit monitoring plan to assist you.  However you are always entitled to one free credit report per year from

This is the one legitimate site that will absolutely not charge you for your annual report.  Be cautious of other credit report sites that promise your free credit scores and reports.  Most will try to make you sign up for a costly monthly plan, just to get access to your reports.  If you are going to sign up for a monthly subscription, make sure it’s with a legitimate identity theft protection service, that will not only give you your scores & reports, but also monitor your accounts, social security number and more.

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