IdentityForce Review

Identity Force Effectively Protects Your Entire Identity

Identity Force is an industry leader in providing full-circle, proactive identity theft protection for individuals, businesses, and government agencies. Their solution to identity theft is simple, easy-to-use, and guaranteed to work.

Identity Force was launched in 2005 as a response to the dramatic increase in identity theft crimes in the United States. They are a division of Bearak Reports, Inc., who are themselves industry leaders in background screening and asset search services since 1992. Identity Force is effective because they draw on the extensive expertise found in the 20 years of information verification services in order to provide a complete and proven approach to identity theft protection.

A consistent leader in identity protection issues, Identity Force was the first in the United States to issue an Identity Theft Bill of Rights. This Bill of Rights outlines the responsibilities businesses and organizations ought to undertake when they discover that their data has been breached, thereby putting both employees and customers at risk of identity theft.

Identity Force Monitors the Right Information

You deserve the best, and that’s what Identity Force strives to provide you. From credit monitoring to internet monitoring to database deletion, the proactive services that Identity Force provides you with their theft protection plans are the cornerstone of keeping identities safe.
Payday loans, public records, and other potential sources of identity theft are also monitored on a daily basis from the online dashboard. If suspicious activities are detected, then you are sent an immediate alert so that you can take action to prevent theft from happening, and you can see this directly on your front page. Identity Force will also work to eliminate your identification information from being on common databases that many identity thieves attempt to utilize.

The Identity Force Red Alert™ System

Identity Force is continuously monitoring your credit reports, your wireless accounts, retail activities, your utilities, your other public records, and even your automobile loan and mortgage for fraudulent activity. If anything suspicious is detected through the monitoring being done, Identity Force will send you what is called a Red Alert™ if they discover any potential fraudulent use of your personal information. This gives you the advantage when it comes to preventing identity theft because you get immediate monitoring results. You can see all of your Red Alerts on your Identity Health Score & Report page.

Restoration Is Easy with Identity Force

Identity Force gives you all the tools that you need in order to restore your identity back to normal should you become the victim of identity theft. You get immediate access to common contact numbers you may need, emergency numbers so that you can report the theft of your identity to potential stakeholders immediately, sample letters that will help you contact your accounts and dispute charges easily, and access to trained credit professionals that can help you take off false information quickly. You also get a $1,000,000 insurance policy that can help reimburse you for out-of-pocket expenses that may occur from your recovery efforts.

Identity Force Makes Protecting Your Identity Easy

Identity Force members just click a button on their dashboard to get their complete identity theft recovery solution. Members never leave the Identity Force website and don’t need to register or login to any other service. There is just one login that happens, securely and instantly, all in the background. This gives you easy access to all of the information that you need at one click convenience when checking up on the status of your identity at any given moment.

What Else Does Identity Force Offer?

Lost Wallet Protection

This type of protection helps you to be able to prevent your bank and credit accounts, as well as your identification, from being utilized if you lose your wallet or purse – or have it stolen. With one call to Identity Force, you can authorize them to contact all of your open accounts to have them stopped, closed, or notified of the loss of materials related to the account so that specific measures can be taken to prevent loss. This is important because many financial institutions that aren’t related to credit cards have specific time limits in place regarding the length of time it takes to report a lost item that correlate with how much of any loss for which you may be responsible.

Database Monitoring & Deletion

At Identity Force, it has been realized that several identity theft attempts occur because your identification information is readily available on several databases. Identity thieves realize this as well, and it does not take much effort on their part to learn this information. An identity theft protection plan with Identity Force includes monitoring these databases for your information and requests to have that information deleted.

Pricing & Value

Identity Force offers services to businesses and government agencies, as well as to individuals. The individual plan starts at $17.95 per month, but if you act today using this special discount to sign up for your two week free trial, you can get identity theft protection plans that start at just $14.95 per month. If you are not satisfied with Identity Force, just cancel within the two week trial period and you won’t owe anything!

Protect All Parts of Your Identity Today!

Identity Force is the government’s preference when it comes to identity theft protection solutions for a reason. They effectively monitor your credit, identity, and even public records to make sure that your identity has not fallen into the wrong hands. They have an effective resolution department that you can contact whenever you suspect identity theft. They can help you fill out your paperwork should identity thieves strike, gives you samples to do it on your own, and have $1,000,000 in insurance protections. Act today to save on your Identity Force protection plan and you’ll see for yourself just how good of a job Identity Force does in protecting all aspects of your identity.

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