Is Your Mailbox A Target For Identity Theft?

With all of the creative and technical ways that identity thieves can use to steal your identity, good old common mail theft is still one of the easiest ways for a criminal to steal your personal identifiable information, and use it fraudulently.  Unfortunately, mail theft is one of those things we just don’t think much about, with most of us being concerned about online passwords, hackers, phishing email scams and data breaches.   These criminals will generally target mail that appears to contain checks or money, but they’re also looking for sensitive information that includes your drivers license number, account numbers and even your social security number.  If they get a hold of any of these items, you are likely to be the victim of complete identity theft.  The effects of this can be devastating.

Taking the protection of your mail should be a top priority, as it’s one of the places you are most vulnerable to identity theft, yet it’s extremely easy to secure.

Here are some suggestions to avoid having your ID stolen via your mail:

Don’t leave your mail in your home mailbox for the postman to pick up. Instead, take it to the post office. You can also get a locking mailbox, as Barbara did.

Study your bank and credit card statements to make sure all the charges make sense and monitor your credit monthly to ensure no unauthorized accounts have been opened.

To read an personal account of how mail theft leads to identity theft, read this article at

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