One Way Hackers are Gaining Access to Company Databases

Although most phishing scams are targeted at gaining access to peoples’ financial details or login credentials, fraudsters and thieves also use the tactic to find ways into a company’s databases. These hackers send these phishing attempts to as many of the target company’s email addresses they can find. The sites they lead to look just like the company’s and hackers only need to fool a single person out of hundreds or even thousands before having access to all of your financial or personal information as well as those of all the company’s other customers.

If you’re concerned about identity theft or data breaches, you should consider signing up for an identity theft protection service.

Hackers who gained entry to Anthem and Premera BlueCross BlueShield computer systems last year reportedly directed phishing emails at company employees. The emails directed the employees to visit webpages that appeared to be legitimate Anthem or Premera sites.

But they were lookalike sites, according to articles posted by consulting firm ThreatConnect and cybersecurity writer Brian Krebs. One was (instead of the legitimate and the other (instead of, reflecting the corporate name that Anthem then used). CONTINUE READING AT D&C